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Popular Retro Special Edition 1

Popular retro – special #1

You asked for it, and it’s coming!

For the first time ever, all five issues of Popular Retro Magazine are available in a limited edition, hard back book!

No more PDF, no more eye strain, just a simple to pick up and read compilation of great retro articles.



The first five issues are now available in the new special edition hardback.

Issue one

Issue One

Getting hands on and looking at the new THEC64 Mini.

Issue Two

Issue Two

Digging deep into the world of hand held consoles from yesteryear.

Issue Three

Issue Three

Melting moments – a tasty look at the juicy frozen gems we loved as kids!

Issue Four

Issue Four

Remembering the fun of hunting for toys in your Frosties!

Popular Retro - Issue 5

Issue Five

A new look, and the start of the fresh new changes for Popular Retro.

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